Week 5 Reading and Resources

Overcoming Obstacles to Abortion Access

In this section, you will find readings and links to supplementary material that pertains to Week 5 of the Abortion Course.


  • Aljazeera America: Timeline: A history of the abortion debate in the United States

Articles in Popular Culture

Academic Literature

  • Dehlendorf C, et al. Disparities in abortion rates: a public health approach. Am J Public Health, 2013. 103(10) 1172-9.
  • Steinauer JE, et al. Impact of partial participation in integrated family planning training on medical knowledge, patient communication and professionalism. Contraception, 2014. 89(4): 278-85.
  • Weitz T, et al. Advancing the scope of practice for advanced practice clinicians: more than a matter of access. Contraception. 2009 Aug; 80(2): 105-7.

General Resources