Early Pregnancy Loss

Managing, Counseling, and Diagnosis

Research shows that people have strong and diverse preferences for how their miscarriage is managed. Patients report higher satisfaction when offered all management options and are treated according to their personal priorities and preferences.

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Learning Objectives:

After watching these video lectures, learners will:

  • Review the similarities between management of early pregnancy loss (EPL) and early abortion
  • Describe patient-centered counseling for EPL

Video Modules

The following videos include didactic narratives, provider testimonials, and live video and animation demonstrating a step-by-step method for surgical early pregnancy loss management. Quizzes to test your knowledge are available for further exploration of these topics.

Practice Integration of EPL Management Services

Hear from real providers about how they integrated Early Pregnancy Loss services into their routine practice. Suggestions for implementation and evaluation of new services are presented.


EPL Management in Low Resource Settings

Low resource settings present unique challenges to the evaluation, diagnosis and management of EPL. Using Mulago Hospital in Uganda as one example, adaptations and alterations of clinical protocols are reviewed.


Experiencing a miscarriage can be extremely difficult for many patients. This Counseling Decision Tool is intended to help the patient and provider choose a treatment that best fits the patient’s priorities and preferences.

Clinical Resources: This page includes tools that can serve as quick references to increase your confidence in providing evidence-based evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of early pregnancy loss. 

Practice Integration: Standardized protocols and education materials not only ensure consistency of the services provided but also reinforce the importance and safety of these management options with staff and patients who are unfamiliar with office-based early pregnancy loss management.

Patient Education Materials: Research shows that women have strong and diverse preferences for how their miscarriage is managed and report higher satisfaction when offered all options and treated with the method according to their personal priorities and preferences.

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Part I. Clinician Guide for Managing Early Pregnancy Loss
– Includes the modules: Evaluation & Diagnosis, Counseling, Practice Integration, Low-Resource Settings

Part II. Clinician Guide for Managing Early Pregnancy Loss
– Includes the modules: Expectant Management, Medication Management, and Uterine Aspiration



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