Counseling for Pregnancy Ambivalence

Video Lecture Presented by: Alissa Perrucci, PhD, MPH San Francisco General Hospital, Women’s Options Center Click here to download this video lecture    Citations Ambivalence as defined by Merriam Webster online. Devil’s advocate is defined as “the person who … Continue reading

The Framework: The Approach

The Approach Summary : Patient-centered counseling uses this approach: Listen, don’t assume, self-reflect. Patients and providers may not share understanding of complex medical terms.

The Framework: Not A Failure

Not a Failure Summary: A patient who returns for a second or greater abortion indicates that the clinic and staff provided high-quality service and supported the patient. Viewing repeat patients as “failures” contributes to abortion shame and stigma.

The Framework: Liberation

Liberation summary: Healthcare providers may have bias favoring a particular decision, but the patient owns the decision and ultimately it does not impact the providers life.