EXPLAINED: Abortion Research & Policy

The Explained: Abortion Research and Policy series features lectures with experts from ANSIRH highlighting the impact of abortion restrictions on women and providers in the United States. Each topic in the series has 3 videos: an animated short (see below), a short 3-5 minute version, and a lecture version that range from 7-10 minutes. Additionally, each topic includes an infographic and a lesson plan complete with sample quiz questions. 

The series currently includes the six following topics:

Abortion Safety in the United States

Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers

Waiting Periods: Do Women Need More Time?

The Turnaway Study

Abortion On Screen

Faith-Based Hospitals

The following six topics will be released later this spring:

  • Effects of Abortion on Women’s Mental Health
  • Impact of Abortion Restrictions on Clinical Practice
  • Who Can Safely Provide Abortions?
  • Parental Involvement Laws
  • State Regulation of Medication Abortion
  • Women’s Emotions Post-Abortion

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