Structural Competency: Curriculum on the Structural Factors That Produce Health Disparities

In the midst of lack of health care for many, misinformation, and nationalist (often racist) rhetoric and closing of borders, the importance of social medicine and understanding social, political and economic structures as they affect health is extremely important.

In case it is helpful in your work, the structural competency training that health professionals, patients, students and social scientists have been developing over the last several years in Oakland, California, is now free open access online.

Recognizing its limitations from being developed in one primary social and geographic location, there are groups in Africa, South Asia, Oceana, Latin America and Europe working to make their own versions of such a training that better fits their contexts.

The training slides and manual are all in the “Appendix” that is also free open access and can be changed, modified or re-made in any way that is helpful:


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