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Understanding Identity: The Gender Opossum

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this video learners will:

  • Understand the importance of using the pronouns people ask you to use for them
  • Describe the difference between gender identity and gender expression
  • Understand that it is not our place to hold trans people to standards of being “man” or “woman” or “nonbinary” enough
  • Avoid making assumptions about someone’s sex or gender
  • Avoid putting gender assumptions, expectations, or beliefs on other people

Since recording, Eddie Izzard’s pronouns have changed. She uses she/her pronouns.

Gender Opossum Worksheet

Reflection Questions:

  • Fill out the gender opossum PDF based on your identities. How did that activity feel? Did you find anything challenging?
  • In what ways have you adhered to gender roles and expectations at different points in your life? How have you benefited from adhering to these gender roles/expectations?
  • In what ways have you deviated from gender roles and expectations at different points in your life? Did you ever experience consequences for violating the rules of the gender binary?

Presented by: Aspen Ruhlin (they/them/theirs)
Community Advocate, Mabel Wadsworth Clinic

In this video Aspen walks through the “Gender Opossum”, a handy visual aid for understanding different elements of identity.