Introduction, Level Setting, and Roadmap

Emotions that may come up while navigating the issues related to drug use, birth, and child welfare reporting. Healthcare professionals have reported feelings of guilt, shame, sadness, and confusion. Healthcare professionals have also reported feeling confident about their reporting decisions. Whatever your initial feelings are coming into this work, we encourage you to reflect on your current experience.

If you feel guilt (feeling as if you did something wrong) related to your involvement in child welfare reporting, we want to offer resources before you progress further in this training. If you need help deciphering between feelings of guilt and shame, here is a resource that is helpful:

Make some notes for yourself now on the emotions that come up as well as how you deal with these emotions in your professional life. Some people find meditation or discussions with others helpful; some find rituals or physical activity beneficial. We want you to build your own toolbox to help navigate your emotions related to this topic.