Planning for a Career in Abortion and Family Planning Workshop

This workshop aims to help learners identify priorities for future practice and consider how those priorities impact incorporating family planning and abortion into their career.

Learning objectives:

  • Name several pathways through which abortion and family planning can be integrated into practice after residency
  • Prioritize factors affecting your job search process
  • Consider how abortion and family planning will play a role in your future career

How to use these materials

Begin by reviewing the Planning for a Career in Abortion and Family Planning brochure.  The Career Planning Quiz can be used to help learners identify how their preferences intersect with abortion integraiton in practice. After completing the Career Planning Quiz, break into small groups and review Snap Shots: Success Stories. Ask each member of the group to identify one pathway to incorporate family planning into practice.

Click here to download Planning for a Career that Integrates Abortion and Family Planning iBook.