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Our Mission: 

We generate, curate, and disseminate free curricula and learning tools about sexual and reproductive health, including abortion, in order to transform health professions education.

Our Vision:

We envision a health professions education (HPE) system where sexual and reproductive health (SRH), including abortion, is fully integrated into the curriculum for learners across professions and disciplines. These curricula will establish abortion as a normal part of healthcare, and cover the myriad factors that impact people’s ability to achieve reproductive autonomy and well-being. Health professions educators from diverse backgrounds will have the support, tools, and mentorship to generate sexual and reproductive health content and integrate it into the curricula across institutions. In this transformed system, health professions educators will train health care practitioners who: 

  • Provide patient-centered, evidence-based, comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care free of stigma, discrimination, and coercion; and
  • Normalize abortion as a part of comprehensive health care.

Our work: 

We create and promote innovative curricula on sexual and reproductive health including abortion.  

We collaborate and build capacity in the field of health professions education on sexual and reproductive health.

How to use this site:

At Innovating Education in Reproductive Health, we want educators and learners to use our content in whatever way best helps them reach their teaching and learning goals. That means users can: 

  • Incorporate our videos into teaching in lectures, small groups, flipped classrooms or clinical training, including showing a clip of our of our videos to your learners.
  • Point learners to view videos on our site.
  • Share links to our content with colleagues or learners, on social media, or within another curriculum platform.
  • Download and adapt slide sets from our posted lectures.
  • Download the videos for offline educational uses.

We ask that users do not download and repost our videos or other content on any other website (like YouTube) or make any changes to the videos or other content without express permission. 

If you would like to work with us to change or adapt our content for your setting, please get in touch and we will be happy to explore a collaboration. 

If you would like to be able to assign content to learners and track their progress, you can register for RHEcourse, our online platform for SRH education. Through RHEcourse, you can assign specific content from our website or add your own. You can see learners scores on quizzes and what videos or other content they have watched. 

All of the content available in RHEcourse is also available on our website without registering.  RHEcourse offers more features for users who want to engage more deeply. To register please enter your name and email address here.

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