Immediate Postpartum Intrauterine Device Insertion Training Workshop

This workshop is intended to teach the steps of postpartum IUD insertion.

Lisa Goldthwaite, MD, MPH Stanford University
Kristina Tocce, MD, MPH University of Colorado
Paul Blumenthal, MD, MPH Stanford University

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the steps of PPIUD insertion
  • Appreciate safety of PPIUD insertion
  • Recognize contraindications to the use of PPIUD

How to Use these materials:

1. Obtain supplies for training:

  • Postpartum IUD models
  • Obstetrical Mannikin model
  • Mama-U model
  • Sample IUDs
  • Ring forceps x 2
  • Speculum

Click here to download the PPIUD model construction guide.

2. Utilize PPIUD Insertion Training Presentation to give overview and demonstrate immediate postpartum IUD insertion using the Ring Forceps method and the manual insertion method.

3. Show SPIRES PPIUD insertion training demonstration and/or Mama-U video:

4. Allow learners to practice insertions on the models

Evaluation tools

In addition to the training materials presented above, f use these survey tool to track learner progress. Packet includes baseline information, and knowledge questions to be administered pre- and post-training, and 6 months following the session.

PPIUD Training Survey