Contraception and Counseling Simulation Workshop

This workshop is  intended to teach contraception and counseling to 2nd year medical students in a way that prepares them for clinical encounters.

Jody Steinauer, MD, MAS
Micki Baron, MD

Click here to download full Contraception Counseling and Simulation Workshop Slides

Learning Objectives

By the end of the session, learners will be able to:

  • Review basic information about contraceptive methods, specifically LARC methods as well as special considerations for medically complex and postpartum women
  • Introduce a shared decision-making approach to counseling
  • Allow students an opportunity to practice LARC insertion techniques on models

 Curriculum Components

  • Session preparation – students were expected to watch a 25-minute online video module and read the syllabus chapter covering basic medical information about contraception.
  • Contraception cases – in a large group session, students reviewed clinical cases with a contraception expert using interactive Poll Everywhere questions, “think-pair-share” prompts, and CDC Medical Eligibility.
  • Contraception stations – students could handle different methods and learn LARC insertion techniques. Click here to download the  Contraception Counseling Workshop learner Guide.


  • We obtained usage data for the online module through the iRocket page. Click here for Rocket Polling instructions.
  • Evaluation through an anonymous questionnaire.
  • Outcome measurements:
    • Attendance – taken without student names
    • Duration of preparation – estimated by students in survey
    • Session interactivity – True/False response comparison with traditional lecture
    • Student understanding and confidence – rated as 1-3 scale as compared to feelings before the session.

 Additional Resources